1. trunutrition.....iso-ology

    I have ordered trutein here before, are ther plans to carry the new iso-ology line as well?

  2. to be honest, I havent heard much yet about it, although I love trutein. I am sure that if enough demand is drummed up, it will prompt some serious consideration
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  3. ive only had a sample pack yesterday and it was great, i beleive the product was just released on there own website 2 days ago....good deal on it actually 39.99 for 5 lbs but i make regular orders here so it would be more conveinent to make 1 order...great profile tho 5g luecine and 8.something total bcaa per scoop and tastes great

  4. I am looking into it as we speak, as I agree the profile looks very good and the 39.99 is a steal. Lets see if we cant bring it over
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  5. me likey.

  6. that would be great...much appreciation


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