Best experience of all time!

  1. Best experience of all time!

    I have been purchasing supps from numerous sites, including NP, for over 10 years now. The experience that I have had with NP over the past 2 days is BY FAR the greatest customer service I have ever received. Not going to go into detail, but I truly know that you guys care about your customers! I am so appreciative of the service, and from now on, NP will be my ONLY supp retailer that I use.
    Thanks again,
    David Rooks

  2. I am really pleased to hear of your experience. Everyone at NP truly strives to give the customer the time and respect that they deserve.

    Thank you for your business
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. You guys are the best !!!

  4. Nutraplanet rocks!

    Is there a supp website as good and as with as large as a selection of supps? Not that I know of!

    And I've had some awesome customer experiences as well.

  5. Best company service around, blows outa the water! I stopped buying from them now!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative



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