What's tour company hours?

  1. What's tour company hours?

    I placed an order on Friday night and no updates , it makes me sick thinking that I have to be without protein to at least weds, but what really makes me me sick is if I had ordered with Ryan I would have had it by 10am sat morning, thanks but no thanks

  2. From http://www.nutraplanet.com/contact_us/
    Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm EST

    Phones open at 10, although they get here earlier than that of course. We donīt process orders on the weekend unfortunately, so thatīs why you havent had an update yet.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by donbx View Post
    it makes me sick thinking that I have to be without protein to at least weds
    Go to the supermarket and buy some chicken, tuna, fish, etc. Solid food may not be as convenient as a protein shake but there is no reason to be without protein just because your order isn't going to arrive for a couple of days.

  4. No problem guys I'm starting a cut low cal high protein psmf/ velocity style an I'm just excited , I got some food in the fridge but the protein is the fall back, nothin beats it in convience and price an taste in my book but of course you have to eat solid foods

  5. I'm sorry I'm sitting here eating a can of tuna, steak owns all



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