6-Bromo at Nutraplanet? THE ANSWER IS YESSS!!!

  1. 6-Bromo at Nutraplanet? THE ANSWER IS YESSS!!!


    Fellow Customers,

    You asked for another run of 6-bromo so here it is!! At the cheap price of $14.99!!!


    The NP Team
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  2. Yesss!!

    Once I get paid on friday ill be buying 3!


  3. I noticed this the other nite and ordered another bottle was holding on to my last one but now i can do another run thanx nutra.

  4. there you go folks, you ask and NP delivers
    Official Get Diesel Representative
    PM me with any questions

  5. This is awesome news NP, thanks! I will be adding to my next order for sure.

    What is the typical dose of 6-bromo used by most? I ask because I have a yet unopened bottle of AX Hyperdrol X2 which contains 50mg of 6-bromo per cap and the recommended daily servings is four. That's 200mg of 6-bromo per day! Is that not excessive? I mean, the idea is to control estrogen, not annihilate it, right??

  6. wooo hooo ordering friday

  7. That was our little surprise That's a pretty rock bottom price

  8. Nice deal NP!


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  9. Nice, will hopefully pick some up soon!


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