I can't checkout my shopping cart

  1. Exclamation I can't checkout my shopping cart

    I have an account here (obviously lol), and a valid email address, each time i go to check out my cart at the store it ask me to log in w/ email address n password so i enter my email n my password for this account n it tells the password is incorrect ( so then after many tries i clicked the "forget password?" button and it even says my email itself is invalid). whats going on? thx

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    Your e-mail address and password here at AnabolicMinds' Forum are completely independent of that of NutraPlanet supplement retailer.

    You will need to create an account (e-mail address and password) there at NutraPlanet in order to have an account with NutraPlanet.
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  3. Thanks man. Thankfully I figured that out shortly after posting lol, shoulda figured off the bat

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