My order is a gram too short

  1. My order is a gram too short

    So i recently order AAKG, Beta-alaine and 1,3 dimeth. the aakg and beta-alaine came fine but I did order 2gs of 1,3 dimeth, and bag it came in said 2gs, and I was charged for 2gs, but I weighed it with my 440-Z scale a few times, kept getting 1.1gs, I recalibrated and measured again, and still 1.1gs
    was there a mix up or am i missing something.?

  2. Email customer service with your order number. I had a discrepancy in my order and I just sent them an email. They normally get back to you within 1 business day.

    Edit: They got back to me in no time and fixed the error. Always get great customer service at the planet.

  3. Like enswalters said. PMing you now.

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