Bulk Creatine

  1. Bulk Creatine

    Do you guys plan on selling your own house brand of creapure instead of the Chinese stuff you currently sell?

  2. I dont necessarily know if there is any intent for change. The bulk CM is very successful and of excellent quality. There arealso many other distinct types of creatine (gluconate, mallate, etc..) in bulk form to choose from at NP.
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  3. I agree that there are different types available , but that is not the point really. Quality does not come from China, never has. I could go on about it, but it is described in much better detail here. h t t p : / / w w w .brinkzone.com/articles/whats-in-your-creatine/

  4. I feel that statement is a little rash it may be true in some instances that china doesnt produce the "greatest" quality persay, but this is quality creatine and compared to a brand made elsewhere the results in my mind and experience are so miniscul ive never noticed it before and probally wouldnt unless you magnified it like you seem to be. There bulk creatine in my opinion is of good quality.

  5. Did you read the report? Its not about how well it works. Its about how much other garbage is left in the process of making it. Chinese Creatine has the WORST tested results. Well besides unnamed 1 US co.



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