You asked, NP delivers!

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  1. the new penetrate bottle looks sharp.

  2. Agreed; thought that to myself

  3. I checked on the status of the Penetrate which is OOS, and it shipped out to us yesterday, it should roll in Monday.

  4. bulk trione is due in next week.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by NutraMan View Post
    Soon to be back in stock (7-10 days)

    Bulk Trione


    Bulk Formestane!

    To go conviently with the re-stocked, reformulated Penetrate!

    aaah.....if only this were today!!!

    i don't suppose any chance of nutra carrying bulk form again?????

  6. What happened to the NP branded protein powders NP used to sell?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by southsideguy View Post
    What happened to the NP branded protein powders NP used to sell?
    Raw material costs made it pretty expensive to produce, to the point where we wouldn't be giving you that good of a deal. I think if the prices of whey protein were to drop in the future we might see a return, but as it stands now there's no plan to bring it back with these high prices.

  8. ok...with the anabolic act of 2012 being rejected looks like formestane will be a safe bet...lets see a return of bulk formestane!!!


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