Primordial Performance's 1-T is here!

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    1-T (7.2 oz) By: Primordial Performance

    Introducing 1-T

    1-T is a topical pro-steroid cream delivering high amounts of 1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one and 5-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one. During a 4-6 week cycle, 1-T can produce 10-15lb gains in lean muscle, with minimal side-effects. We believe 1-T is possibly the most effective, yet safest legal pro-steroid product on the market.

    For this write up, I promised myself I’d be modest.

    The truth is, I am so excited about 1-T that I want to spit out pseudo-science words like super hyperbolic muscle growth, and genetic altering lean mass exploder. And instead of calling it something simple like 1-T, I want to call it AnavarPrimoTestosteroneExtreme.

    But I will spare you, simply because this product doesn’t need to be hyped. The ingredients and the delivery system tell the story.

    So let me jump right in…

    The first compound is 1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one [aka, 1-androsterone™ or 1-DHEA].

    This steroid molecule is very closely related to the original 1-androstenediol and 1-testosterone that were very popular prior to the 2004 pro-hormone ban. (1) They produced solid gains in lean muscle within a short period of time, with low side-effects. They where know as “dry” steroid hormones, because they didn’t convert to estrogen or promote water retention and gyno. (1)

    Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Well, not quite…

    Take a look at the hormone conversions below. You will see 1-androsterone is only one step away from 1-androstenediol and two steps away from 1-testosterone. (2)

    All it takes is a change on the 3rd or 17th position to convert 1-androsteone into muscle building steroid hormones. These conversions are made with the naturally occurring steroidogenic enzymes -- 3b-HSD and 17b-HSD. (3)

    A special advantage of delivering the 1-androsterone topically is the super concentration of steroidogenic enzymes in the skin, compared to a relatively low amount throughout the digestive track. (4-8)

    This is exactly what makes 1-T so effective -- 1-androsterone absorbs through the skin, so it’s forced to convert to the desired target hormones. (2,4-8)

    Having relatively low oral bio-availability and a high price, it was a no-brainer putting 1-androsterone into a topical delivery system. Being that 1-androsterone also has a low molecular weight it can achieve up to 40% delivery through the skin with our OHV topical delivery system, compared to only about 8% orally. (13,14)

    1-androsterone as a topical offers the following benefits –

    • High conversion to 1-androstenediol and 1-testosterone
    • Zero conversion to estrogen
    • Non-methylated and non-toxic to the liver
    • Quality gains in dense lean muscle mass

    Now, this is all very nice, but we wanted to take 1-T to the next level, and create a real muscle builder.

    Truthfully, some estrogen is desirable for maximum muscle growth, so we chose a hormone that could fill this void and make 1-T an exceptionally well rounded pro-steroid formula.

    In comes 5-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one. [aka, DHEA]

    As you may know, DHEA is the main active ingredient in our other topical product Dermacrine – which has proven benefits for improving body composition and strength. As with 1-androsterone, the DHEA is more effective as a topical because it is forced to interact with the steroidogenic enzymes and convert to more powerful anabolic and androgenic hormones that can build muscle and burn fat. (4-12)

    Just take a look at the conversions -

    Of course, DHEA can also convert to estrogen which supports GH production (11), immunity (15,16), sex drive (17), healthy cholesterol levels (11), and perhaps most importantly – rapid gains in muscle mass and size – and the engorged feeling of anabolism in the muscles. [known as the pump]

    The benefits of DHEA [applied through the skin] could be compared to a moderate dose of injectable testosterone. On the other hand, 1-androsterone could be compared to the anabolic steroid Anavar, Primobolan, or Masteron – all of which produce solid gains of ripped, hard, lean muscle.

    Common bodybuilder knowledge is that the best gains from testosterone come from stacking it with a non-aromatizing steroid like Anavar, Primobolan or Masteron. This is exactly why we stacked the 1-androsterone with DHEA – It’s a match made in steroid guy heaven.

    So what does this mean for real-life gains?

    Consider this…

    If you liked Dermacrine, you will love 1-T. We’ve taken the already proven power of Dermacrine and added the highly anabolic 1-androsterone. 1-T is essentially Dermacrine on steroids.

    As the President & Founder of Primordial Performance, I can personally vouch for a solid 14lb gain after a 4 week cycle. I also personally witnessed several local testers break personal bench records and dramatically improve their body composition during 4 and 6 week cycles with 1-T.

    The results can be expected to be very similar to the compounds banned in 2004, and hundreds of thousands of bodybuilders and athletes can vouch for these results.

    Make no mistake; 1-T is the real deal and is NOT for anyone under the age of 18. Using 1-T will require a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after a 4-6 week cycle. For more information, please see the Official PCT Thread

    If your interested in learning how to best stack and use 1-T based on your goals, see the Official 1-T Cycling & Stacking Thread
    (See for references)

    Trauma1 & Poopypants 1-T log – (review starts on page 15)

    Nattydisaster’s 1-T log -

  2. Damn Fast...LOL!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stryder View Post
    Damn Fast...LOL!
    Rene trained us well I was actually following this as it made it's way to NP via Eric

  4. Nice! Just placed my order.

  5. Will you also be getting the new V 5.0 of Dermacrine and Sustain Alpha?
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Chargerfball25 View Post
    Will you also be getting the new V 5.0 of Dermacrine and Sustain Alpha?
    Once our stock runs out. We may actually have 5.0 in already, one sec I'm checking.

  7. Confirmed, the Sustain ALpha and Dermacrine @ NP are all the 5.0 formula.

  8. I've heard a lot of mixed things as to whether or not this actually undergoes the proper enzymatic conversions necessary for it to work as claimed/theorized....

    Can anyone shed some light one way or the other. Rather pricey for 2 bottles of this stuff...

    And unfortunately, I've only found 1 standalone log for this stuff. He's just about a week and a half in so far. I'll be keeping an eye on that thread as well.

  9. There's a good interview at . I haven't heard the side that believes this product doesn't undergo the enzymatic conversion, however I do know Eric is fully cognizant of how his product works and tested it himself and saw great gains. Keep an eye on the logs I linked to for further confirmation, however I feel this product is very promising and well researched.

  10. One last question: Are the 5.0 sustain alphas/derms going to be reduced in price since the are 49.95 on the PP website now? Thanks
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Chargerfball25 View Post
    One last question: Are the 5.0 sustain alphas/derms going to be reduced in price since the are 49.95 on the PP website now? Thanks
    I noticed the price drop; We try and stay competitive at NutraPlanet so I'm not sure what our plans are but if we are able to lower the price we will.

  12. wat pct does this need?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    wat pct does this need?
    Many options. See PP's subforum for discussion on PCT for 1-T, however one option is , plus , known as the Testosterone Recovery Stack.


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