YOU Choose the Next NP Product!

  1. Cool YOU Choose the Next NP Product!

    We'd like to get the best input we can; from our customers to find out what product you want us to release next under the NP line.

    Edit, seems I cant make a poll....

    if a mod can make this into a poll with the following choices:

    Bulk Glucuronolactone (Red Bull Ingredient)
    Digestive Enzymes
    Horny Mack Stack Caps ($$$)
    Red Year Rice Caps
    Curcumin 95% Caps
    IC3 Caps
    Banaba 20% Caps

    Mod Edit: YOU Choose the Next NP Product!

  2. I'd like to see a capped combo of Acetyl L-carnitine + Na-rALA (or other R isomer variant). It would be really convenient to have both (since they should go together) capped and ready. This combo has a real synergy together. It would probably have to be a 3 pill serving to accommodate the larger ratio of ACLA. As it is now, I have both in bulk powder form. It is harder to take them with me when I'm on the go and stuff. I don't know if your sales of these two compounds justify a capped product or not. However, if people aren't on the ACLA+RALA bandwagon yet, they should be. It looks really promising for overall health. IMO, this combo is right up there with Resveratrol for possible potential.

    NP's GTE, Trez, and ACLA+Na-RALA caps would be one hell of a base staple.
    That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. Here's a vote for the Curcumin 95% Caps! Would this include Bioperine? just curious.

  4. I like the curcumin with bioperine

  5. IC3, banaba, or icariin caps?

  6. Icariin 50% caps as its the only product NP doesn't have which makes me have to order from somewhere else =|

  7. Banaba


    Digestive Enzymes

    In that order :P

  8. Quote Originally Posted by NutraMan View Post
    Curcumin 95% Caps
    *****, are you retarded? I've been screaming for this for two years now. With piperine, please!

  9. i vote Banaba 20% Caps
    by the way what ic3 unfamiliar with that

  10. Follow link to submit you vote YOU Choose the Next NP Product!


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