DMPEA users?

  1. DMPEA users?

    I've used just about every stimulant out there with most causing more side effects than they are worth but noticed some companies selling straight up dmpea which is supposed to be a natural sub for adderall. Has anyone used this? If so what dose and what was your experience? Tks.

  2. They use to have an amphetamine analog in craze... That was banned in the usa. PEA acts similar but the duration is much shorter and not as strong. Certain supplements can be combined with it to increase the duration of time and intensity but your playing with your brain... so what goes up must come down. PEA is also in 5 hour energy I believe.

    As for DMPEA... It's probably similar in effect to the above. Mild mood lift... euphoria... focus.. since it interacts with dopamine. It also is similar in structure to mescaline (a naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid of the phenethylamine class, known for its hallucinogenic effects) which is in peyote. Be careful if you take any type of MAOI, SSRI, SNRI or basically any medications for mental or behavioral health. I wouldn't use it every single day like someone taking adderall or combine the two.

    Using it as a preworkout could help probably but I would recommend using it sparingly unless there are studies showing its long term safety.

  3. Is this being put in preworkouts or any current supplements? Who selling it, just research chemical sites?

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