In anyone here have or ever have been on an Adderall or Vyvanse prescription?

  1. In anyone here have or ever have been on an Adderall or Vyvanse prescription?

    Seeing my doc in a week about it.

    I need it, not for fun, but to function.

    He will give it to me, but I am super freaked out about all of the sides, and or issues I have heard with people that need this indefinitely, however, without it, I suck, on it, I am a friggin machine. I cant maintain control of my life without it, I just don't know if it will be worth it, with all the bs I've heard from people that have been on it.

    Bottom line, I'm just curious, is there anyone that needs this life normally, takes it as directed, and just has a great life, or is there always a sh*t tradeoff?

  2. Been on it for about 4 months. Definitely a positive in my mind. I have found that eating a good protein based meal before taking it helps keep the side effects down. Take at same time every day, stay hydrated.

  3. I was was as freaked out as well when I got my first adderall prescription a few years ago. I used adderall xr for 2 years and just switched to Vyvanse. Vyvanse is a lot more expensive but much smoother than adderall. I didn't feel hyper focused and could acually be social. Make sure you supplement with magnesium glycinate to help keep your tolerance down.

  4. I have script, I’m not sure I need it medically but it makes a busy life a lot more productive

    I been on Adderall for 3-4 years, I almost never take full dose (20mgx3 ed) and make sure I take days off in the week.

    I don’t have any “nasty” side effects but I need a lite more to get a “kick” than when I started and I need multiple doses during the day to not crash. I learned not to take it too close to bed, learned the hard way with long sleepless nights. I feel that, like with everything else, if you can use it responsible and with common sense you’ll be fine.

    If you do have a addictive personality and don’t think you can control it, I recommend to stay away.

    Good luck
  5. In anyone here have or ever have been on an Adderall or Vyvanse prescription?

    I have vyvanse 50mg. Sides honestly arenít bad all I notice are appetite suppression, dry mouth occasionally, and I get a sort of hangover feeling if I take it a couple days in a row and donít take it the next day. It does affect sleep if taken too late in the day. Wouldnít have made it through nursing school without them though. I donít procrastinate, I get **** done and memory retention is tenfold

  6. Worked just one time for me

  7. See if u can get modafinil instead, much less sides


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