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  1. By far the most impressive legal nootropic stack I've tried. I've also been using it with keto and I find it allows me to stay on keto for longer. Usually, I have a scheduled cheat meal around day 6, but lately I've been pushing 12 days straight. Mind over matter. I think the killer idea here was to infuse adaptogens in the ingredient profile.

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    It's pointless and frankly unhelpful when companies list ingredient dosages that are inactive. The Phosphatidylserine is 500mg active. Needless to say, this wasn't the most cost-effective formula to produce.
    Any plans to tweak the formula further?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by 00A View Post
    Any plans to tweak the formula further?
    Absolutely brother. Always looking for ways to improve the formula with the feedback we get.
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