Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits WTF??

  1. Exclamation Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits WTF??

    Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits

    July 7, 2013. Washington. In case readers missed it with all the coverage of the Trayvon Martin murder trial and the Supreme Courtís rulings on gay marriage and the Voting Rights Act, the US Supreme Court also made a ruling on lawsuits against drug companies for fraud, mislabeling, side effects and accidental death. From now on, 80 percent of all drugs are exempt from legal liability.

    In a 5-4 vote, the US Supreme Court struck down a lower courtís ruling and award for the victim of a pharmaceutical drugís adverse reaction. According to the victim and the state courts, the drug caused a flesh-eating side effect that left the patient permanently disfigured over most of her body. The adverse reaction was hidden by the drug maker and later forced to be included on all warning labels. But the highest court in the land ruled that the victim had no legal grounds to sue the corporation because its drugs are exempt from lawsuits.

    Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits

    I am just baffled by this..
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  2. oh my gawd dafuq is happening to this county? im ready for china to take us now

  3. Absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Our government and judicial system is owned corporations. They are now more protected and better treated than We The People.

    I say the 5 yay votes need to be charged with treason and given a death penalty.

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