So I finally bought a pan, I started to whip some up. man, that **** is thick.

    make sure your mixing bowl is big enough for everything, otherwise, you'll have a counter covered in batter and ****.

    dont use a spoon, or wire whisk. this will result in anger management issues.

    use hands. (wash first, make sure nails are trimmed)

    if you got gloves, I recomend using them. if not, you can wash your hands later, so no worries.

    I was able to get it patted down in a 13x9 pan.

    it was a workout to get it.

    keep in mind, i am not good at cooking at all. now my wife, she can whip these up quickly and easily. no problems. so if you can cook it'll be a breeze. if not, you'll have fun like i did.

    in the fridge, 30min later, cut out my own protein bar. good stuff. I used all natural penut butter. (contains just penuts) and honey, nothing else. but I could see adding in w/e other stuff you like to give more flavor too.

    all in all, I am pleased with the final product that came out. at first, i was like, how the hell is this gonna work. but then, it all worked out for a tasty treet.

    I'd also recomend some serran wrap, to wrap up individual bars for snacking later on, unless you want to keep the whole pan in ur fridge.

    all natural, cheaper than pre packaged stuff, and healthier. these will become a common snack for me.

  2. Apple better bars ftw!

  3. yea! apple is great and yummy!! But i like chocolate raspberry!! :yummy:

  4. Chocolate banana for men !

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