needtogetaas does Clomiphene, Clomid when he has to lol

  1. needtogetaas does Clomiphene, Clomid when he has to lol

    needtogetaas does Clomiphene, Clomid when he has to lol

    I am not the biggest fan of clomid however it is a drug that has been around for years and it has its uses and its place among us. With the invention and discovery of newer herbs,supplements natural compounds and synergistic blend. Clomid is fast become a thing of the past and rarely used by anyone other then old school hard heads. Still My job has always been to educated the masses and who am I to leave out information one mite need. Besides what works best for one may not work at all for another and if you love clomid then all the power to you. In this text I will give you the blah blah blah run down of clomid. But I think you would be wise to also read this thread Post 5-6-7 .

    read the rest here guys needtogetaas does Clomiphene, Clomid when he has to lol. Need To Build Muscle Inc. Official Blog

  2. Interesting...I have heard that many people prefer nolva due to decreased probability of sides. However, others prefer clomid for its improved htpa recovery. Nolva or clomid, that is always the question...

  3. I like clomid cuz its better for progestnic compounds. oral tren and SD are two favorites.

    I read the article twice at work

  4. When he has too... LMAO

  5. A good read and good info!
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  6. I love me some Clomid. Never got any side effects from it.

  7. I was just reading over some of the other blogs on there. A lot of good information there!
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