PP's trs+tcf1 and hcghenerate

  1. Question PP's trs+tcf1 and hcghenerate

    Just got my Hcghenerate today and cant wait, im in the last two weeks of my sd/halo bridge and im gonna start my hcghenerate and have the trs+tcf1 for my pct, I was hoping phyto serm would be out but I still have two weeks, anyhow can I continue the hcg into pct along with trs and tcf1 I didnt wont to suppress estro to much although I dont think hcghenerate bothers estro but im just checking.

  2. It won't mess with your estrogen bro. Although I would highly recommend the very least an AI for you like forma-stanzol to keep estrogen at bay during PCT. It has been suppressed from the cycle so it might shoot up for some weeks. This gives some people problems... others, not at all. Forma will keep it down though to be on the safe side. As for the other stuff... Get ready for a hardcore libido spike LOL.

  3. Since SD is a form of DHT, estro wont be a problem with HCGenerate and TCF-1, as Chocolate said, Formastanozol would be a nice additon on cycle to enhance gains while block estro.
    doing my own thang!

  4. thanks fellas ill pick some up today, when should I start the forma?

  5. I would start it week 2 of PCT since during the first week estrogen hasn't had much time to even come up so applying it would really waste it IMO. I would do 5 pumps 2x a day starting week 2 and beyond till how long it will last you.

  6. acually i like this. TCF-1, sustain aplha, toco-8 and HCGenerate sould be very nice after cycle I would run the sustain and hcgenerate a couple weeks longer passted the tcf-1.
    for eg:
    wk1-3 tcf-1
    wk1-7 sustain
    wk1-6 hcgenerate (3-4 caps ed are a good dose)

    I also agree on having an ai on hand just in case..

  7. a double does of Bridge 2 caps 3 times a day is almost the same as hcgenerate for on cycle. That is what I have heard most people say!

  8. i would start the HCGen/TCF 1/TRS kit all on day 1 of pct. start the forma stanzol on day 10 of pct.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by gymrat827 View Post
    i would start the HCGen/TCF 1/TRS kit all on day 1 of pct. start the forma stanzol on day 10 of pct.
    that's is perfect gym!


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