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    I used to do body weight exercises and have been going to the gym since December. My only fitness goals is to not have to pay for supplements one day

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  2. Really solid lats man. I'd place some focus on bringing up your arms to match your back in your back bicep pose; some hang on your triceps and mass on your biceps would be great. I'd imagine that the bodyweight work you did was great for your lats, but maybe not quite as good for your arms, so doing more direct arm work in the gym should bring them up.
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  3. Here's one of the arm Name:  IMG_0303.JPG
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Size:  103.0 KB I usually do light weight and very short rest between sets on arms .. how should I be training for size?

  4. What works best for me when training for size is heavier weight on the basic movements like bicep curls and the rope pulldowns for triceps. Focus on 3-4 sets and do anywhere from 6-10 reps. Plus add some variety to your exercises so that your muscles don't get used to it.

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