Need a quick physique critique

  1. Need a quick physique critique

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    So ive been training for about a year. I am starting to get the body I want. I was just hoping I could get some guys to give me a little feed back on my physique and tell me where I should focus

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    This was a year ago

  2. Looking good. Great improvement from last year. What are your goals for your physique?

    I'd say youve leaned out very nicely and just need to keep hitting the weights. Can't see back or legs, but in general, it seems like you had a very successful cut and can focus on putting on muscle.

  3. Respect. You've come a long way in just a year, looking solid man!

    Arms are looking huge! From these pics I would say your main focus should be delts and chest (and possibly back). Also, are you incorporating any direct ab exercises in your training? You seem like you'd be lean enough to start seeing your abs, but its possible that they are not developed to the point of visible separation. I would also focus on doing some ab work in addition to what you're already doing. Keep up the good work man!
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  4. Yep, great work! I'm sure you've been in a calorie deficit for the past year to get as lean as you are. At some point (you may want to be leaner), you should try and increase calories and plan to add some size. Over the last year you've likely had some recomp happening, but you should shoot for a mass phase. I'd add in 100-200cals a day for a week and see where you can maintain the same weight. Then don't get crazy, just add 100-200 more on top of the amount you just found, then work away in the gym for 6months to a year at those cals.
    I agree with everything John said about your physique. Your bi's dominate, and your chest and shoulders need to come up. Been doing this a while and the number one thing that works for me to bring something up is frequency. I'd add in more benching and overhead presses. I'd shoot to bench twice a week and do military or strict presses twice a week also.
    Hope this helps, keep up the great work... looking good!

  5. Great improvement man! I would say try to improve all the muscle groups that can make you look wider/thicker. Shoulders, back and legs for that x-frame.

  6. I would work on muscles that make you look wider like the guy above said. Traps/back aren’t glamour muscles but they give a guy an imposing look. Also, forearms. Forearms are very underrated but when you see a guy with big forearms you know he’s truly strong. You don’t have to isolate them with wrist curls but those do help a lot. I’m sure you deadlift already but if you don’t do farmers walk then add them in. It’ll build full body strength and help those traps and forearms grow. But so far you’ve made some great progress.


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