1. Pecks

    Hi guys. Was hoping for a some assistance in development of the outer peck. I'm currently training strength so flat bench. Incline dumbbell and peck deck. Upper peck and middle are okay. Just the outer is **** really. Any training tips please.

  2. Cable fly, keep your hands at shoulder level and cross your hands over when you get to the middle

  3. Quote Originally Posted by larrybailey View Post
    Cable fly, keep your hands at shoulder level and cross your hands over when you get to the middle
    Ok. I assumed that worked the more central peck. I'm after the outside armpit. After that line of muscle. But if you say cable cross. I'll give it a whirl thank you

  4. It really isolates the peck

  5. You can also do cable flys where you start with your hands up high and bring low to your waistline. The other one, you would start low and bring up to your face

  6. Flat heavy db press

  7. Watch Seth feroce's video on hand placement to target different areas of the chest. He's also got a lot of other great videos. Good luck!

  8. Go wide

  9. Change grips hand placement.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Todd boliek View Post
    Go wide
    This, wide grip and dumbbells should do the trick

  11. Arnold had great outer pecks so I'd try some of his tips and see if it helps you.

    Dumbbell flys starting low as comfortably possible, then stop 3/4 of the way up.

    Dips as deep as possible and stop 3/4 of way up

    And like others stated go wide on bench.
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  12. i was cursed with a weak chest, meaning i had good genetics, except my chest, traps, and calves were bad genetics. what worked for me was heavy bench presses. i'm proud to say my chest has improved a LOT during the years (all natty), my goal is to have an Arnold chest, i'm getting there, i'm a big fan of the golden era, tiny waist, vacuum pose, massive chest and arms, that was the look. lately i have created my training system, I call it MS training, which stands for ''muscle soreness training'' and the whole goal is to get the muscles sore, never too sore where i can't walk or something, but that nice ''ouch'' feeling, that you know you are going to grow. rn my chest and biceps are sore, lol. lately i've been incorporating dumbell flies, with a very slow, 10 second negative, works like a charm. i also do dips, just body weight, each set i do as many reps as possible. intensity is key. also, when doing bench presses, always use a wide grip and go all out, i still wanna improve my outer/lower chest, but it has improved a lot, being short (5'7'') i kinda resemble Franco Columbu a little


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