What does natural bodybuilding mean to you?

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  1. If youre a younger guy , lets say thirty or less, you more than likely have good testosterone levels.
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  2. To me, natural means never having used any Peptides, Pro-Hormones, SARMs, Anabolics and Androgens. Things like Clen and DNP also count as unnatural.

  3. You are natural if you donít take anything other than supplements, so long as those particular supplements could otherwise be obtained through nature. So if you use whey protein and creatine then youíre natural because you are supplementing with products that provide a benefit that could just as easily be obtained if you ate a juicy steak. There are also a lot if things that come directly from nature and are proven to moderately boost testosterone, like ashwaghanda. Thatís the root of a plant, so itís natural. Thereís nothing natural about clenbuterol. Itís a chemical that canít otherwise be obtained through nature. Hormonal steroids are obviously not natural.

  4. I used to think natural was pretty cut and dry but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there isn't much natural about the bodybuilding/powerlifting lifestyle. IE would any human being naturally take in 200+ grams of protein a day? Creatine is naturally produced in the body and naturally in our food supply but not in beneficial amounts; does that make it unnatural to take that 5grams a day? Even some hormones could almost be considered natural, epiandrosterone is found in pine pollen, 11keto testosterone is found in fish, but almost no one would consider them natural even though it's essentially the same concept as creatine supplementation. Yeah, some groups put out lists of what they consider to be natural and unnatural but it feels kind of arbitrary and is mainly used to finger wag at all the "unnatural" people out there.

  5. i tried posting earlier but my post got denied!

  6. ok, all i wanted to say was being natty is not taking any testostero**e b**ster, pro-ho***nes, ster**ds or growth hormones of any kind


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