PUMP! Advice

  1. PUMP! Advice

    Whats the best way/ prepare for a awesome pump in the gym!

  2. X-Gels
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  3. Eating an adequate amount of carbs 1-2 hours before training is always a good way to ensure a good pump. If you're looking for supplementation or a pump enhancing product, I would recommend checking out Vasomax. Its a newer product to the non-stim pump product market that delivers an intense pump.

    It contains Hydromax - a form of glycerol that improves cell hydration potassium nitrate, Potassium Nitrate and GSNO - which both work to increase vasodilation and boost nitric oxide production levels, and a other ingredients to improve mental clarity and focus in the gym.
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  4. Heck yeah thanks man helped me out on my knowledge

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Allenfitz View Post
    Heck yeah thanks man helped me out on my knowledge
    You got it man! Let me know if you have any other questions. You can also pick up VasoMax on Nutriverse.com right now for 20% off
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    1. Hydration (including electrolytes)
    2. Saturated glycogen stores
    3. Sufficient stimulus (workload)
    4. Supplements

    Supplement examples:
    -ARA, definitely
    -any natural anabolic resulting in preferential shuttling, or osmosis preferring intracellular volume (like creatine)

    X-gels and High volume are as good a pump as a product stack can get you, if you're after a purchase
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  7. Thanks buddy

  8. Hydration
    SALT - eat some Chinese before the gym!!!!


    Take some Hemavo2Max for CRAZY PUMPS!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. Hydration and certain food choices. I like sweet potatoes personally, anything high in potassium is great. Add salt also!

    Supplements, look for nitrates, hydromax, taurine, agmstine etc.

    John Patterson mention VasoMax which is amazing. You could also look into SlinMax. It is a GDA, but contains ingredients to help shuttle glucose to muscle cells. This aids in a pump. Users report a pump immediately after eating, with no training. Combine this with training and being hydrated and the pumps in the gym are amazing. Combine SlinMax with VasoMax or High Volume for a crazy experience.
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  10. Awesome replies from everyone. Browsing through this thread helped out! Haha


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