Hello, all. Brand spankin' new here.

So let me give you a little synopsis of what my situation is:

I did my very first prohormone cycle about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had read over and over again how a beginner's dose is typically recommended at 300-600mg daily, usually on the lower end to assess tolerance. I had seen my physician prior to starting the prohormones and had blood work done. My physician (a GP) told me that I was probably overthinking the issues I had brought up concerning taking prohormones. In theory, he found the sides to be minimal; especially looking at it long-term (I told him I just wanted to do an 8 week cycle).

Seeing how cavalier he seemed about what I told him, and taking into account much anecdotal evidence from people online and in person, I decided to stack Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone with Primeval Labs 4-Andro.

On day 1 in the morning I took 1 110mg tablet of the 1-test along with 1 100mg tablet of the 4-andro. In the afternoon I took 1 more of the 1-test alone, and then in the evening I took 1 of each once again. Total for the day: 530mg. (I also took 1 serving of Nolvadren (OTC AI).

That night I felt odd. My nips were sensitive, I had nausea, etc.. The next day I took just 1 serving of the 1-Test and 1 serving of the Nolvadren. The day after that I did the same. After day 3 I stopped completely. Had nipple sensitivity for a few days/swollen nipples; particularly the right one.

I saw my doctor a few days later and explained what happened. Evidently, I did too much too soon, but perhaps I just have a lot of aromatase in me. My doctor checked for lumps and none were found. He said the swelling should go down in some weeks and it did after just a week or so.

One other thing I'll mention is that prior to and after the PH cycle I noticed no sensitivity, but swollen nips from just 2-3g of tribulus a day.

So now I'm only taking D-Pol, which as you may already know, has 3.12g of D-aspartic acid and 4000IU of vitamin D. It functions primarily as a test booster. I'm getting swollen nips again. Still no lumps behind the nipples, but I'm still concerned. I must have a lot of aromatase in me. I have no pubertal gyno or anything. Should I stop taking the D-Pol, or will the swollen nips likely not get worse/permanent? Also, if I'm cold, or if my nips are cold, they look normal. I don't want to risk getting gyno or exacerbating anything that could lead to it. Should I take Erase pro with it? Idk what to do, but I otherwise like how I feel on the D-Pol, so I'd like to keep taking it if I could. (Been on it for 2 days so far).

I'm 26, 6'2" 235lbs. Not sure my BF but it's rather low. Any helpful suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.