How often do you train abs.

  1. How often do you train abs.

    In a week how often you train abs and generally how many excercises , sets and reps ?

  2. I don't train them at all lol

  3. Around 3 times a week 2-3 exercises 3 sets of 15+ reps depending on exercise.

  4. away from competition never train them. when I am closer to the competition I train them about 2 times a week with 7/8 series... to max reps with short rest

  5. I never train them. I always get a HORRIBLE cramp when i do. Yes i'm hydrated

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jackedjimbean View Post
    I never train them. I always get a HORRIBLE cramp when i do. Yes i'm hydrated
    It's because you never train them
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  7. Every other day and I have been seeing beter results.
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  8. A lot!!! Sometimes every other day, and sometimes back to back if I train light. I train them often becouse I am introducing some calisthenics into my training. Its helped me with every functional outside of the gym activity I engage in.

  9. 3 times a week after each session I will dedicate a quick ab blast maybe just the 1 exercise x3 sets till fail

  10. I would do them if I had more time. In my best shape years, it was twice a week 3 exercises, 3 sets each for max reps. Trying to get more time to get them back in. I feel stronger when I do them with frequency

  11. Pretty much every training day. I'll do 3-4 sets of some ab variant to failure.
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  12. i just started training them and ive been lifting for 4 years.... . now im doing them 3x/wk , just leg lifts and side bends...
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  13. Everyday. Side/high/low planks, Russian twists, leg raises, flutter kicks, and a few crunches.

  14. It is very common to overlook adequately strengthening the 'core', which includes a band of muscle that sits behind the abdominal wall plus other deep seated muscles. I trained for over 20 years not directly training the abs/core and gradually you start to pay a price through injury and stability that prevents moving onto greater levels of strength in basic moves.

    I now do a Pilates and yoga class (once a week each) to complement my weight training and for the past several years have had less niggly injuries as a consequence.

    Working abs is fine, but working the core is something i wish i had done with the same intensity and commitment as legs, chest and arms from the start!


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