6 month bulk progress

  1. 6 month bulk progress

    I've been training for 2 years total, so I'm doing a full year bulk at the moment, started at 178lbs and currently at 191lbs. I've gained some body fat and after doing a little math I think I've gained about 3lbs of lean mass. Just wondering if I should change anything up. I'm doing layne nortons PH3 program, and eating 3800 calories a day 230 protein and then balancing the rest of the calories with carbs and fats. Here is some before and afters.Name:  1465239789295.jpg
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  2. Your progress is going great. From what I have read the PH3 is a great program. I always create my own but it seems to be a great one to follow if you don't, especially for bulking program. Just from looking at before and after you can see some good lean mass build up and seems like you are building good proportions. I think any critique would just over complicate what you are doing and hamper you. So all in all keep up the intensity.

  3. Looking great!
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  4. Look solid bro

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