Elbow joint pains?

  1. Elbow joint pains?

    Anyone get pretty bad joint pains from doing heavy weighted dips and military press? It's getting really annoying. I drink plenty of water and just bought some joint support so hopefully that helps. Not on PHs or anything that usually dries joints out either. Do I need to dial the weight back for the time being or?

  2. Throw on some elbow sleeves and see if that helps. If it's tendonitis, the sleeves will help and it should go away in a week or two. In my experience, anyways.

  3. good morning,

    there are several factors that contribute to this. Over training is one and additional pressure/stress on your forearms can lead to this as well. Take a break from what your doing, strength up your forearms and start over w/o weights.
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  4. Is it the soft tissue around the elbow joint?
    If so, are the "trigger points" (see Bonnie Prudden- Pain Erasure) in your forearms and upper arms tender? You might start there.

  5. Actually yes when I do bicep curls my forearms do get very tender

  6. Make sure it's not the tendon. You DON'T want to **** those up, trust me.
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  7. Try shortening your range of motion till they don't hurt any longer.
    Or replace the motion with something similar but doesn't hurt until healed.

  8. Yeh I always do. I hate that exercise. Stopped doing them years ago

  9. Stop the movement that make pain but don't rest the other movement because blood micro circulation is the best anti-inflammatory

  10. Fish oil. If not dieting eat more food.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Jm88888 View Post
    Fish oil. If not dieting eat more food.
    This. Also, something to look into is a quality joint support product. SNS JOINT SUPPORT XT and CISSUS XT are used by many respected members on this forum.

    Also as previously mentioned elbow sleeves help.
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  12. I feel like I have tennis elbow from lifting. It's like right on that bone and around it that hurts. I'm going to start wearing something around them now. Very irritating pain. Probably order some cissus too.

  13. Joint support

  14. No offence @Tylerfife71 is it me are you just trying to push up your post count, on my timeline all I have is responses by you to various posts and there all very short
    kept you waiting huh?

  15. My buddy had this issue for a while. He tried laying off arms for some time (he's an arms guy) and it didn't help. He got better after taking glucosamine for a few weeks.

  16. I do take msm and glucosamine every day.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by 51FTY View Post
    I do take msm and glucosamine every day.
    Ditto plus cod liver oil, whenever elbows start to play up I triple the dose of cod liver oil for a week or so, works for me


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