Losing weight?

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    Losing weight?

    Hey guys so I need to lose weight but from what I've been reading is too much cardio eats away at your muscles. I lift heavier with lower reps, but I'm looking to lose 15lbs or so. Should I just do 30 mins of cardio post workout or how long? Are there any exercises you guys would recommend, I personally hate running on the treadmill. I do enjoy skipping but not too sure if that's as effective. I know diet is key also,

    Thanks guys!

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    Cardio does not tear away at your muscles. They can be depleted if you do not work them out. I am on the same boat as you. I recommend doing cardio for a warm up everyday (I do a mile jog) then go do your weight lifting. Try and do between 8-12 reps that will help with muscle growth and burning calories. Diet is the most important factor it is 70% of your overall health 20% rest and recovery 10%workout program. So just dieting will really help you the most and as long as you stay lifting weights you will not get weaker.

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