Where to start

  1. Where to start

    I have been lifting off and on for 15 years and I want to enter a show. I am 6'3 about 270 and high 20s bodyfat. I want to enter. Show in October of 2014. Can anyone point me in the right direction. It would be a natural show I will be in the master's division.

  2. I would hire a coach, Shelby Starnes does some good work
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. I'm a coach man, i can help you. Send me a private message

  4. Since this is your first show... I would higher a coach will really keep you in check and generally (depending on the coach and how you mesh with their techniques) will give you good results. The other option would be find someone that competes in the sport that can take you under their wing (which is essentially a coach I guess).

  5. Such a string brother hood here an AM hopefully when i get ready for my first show I can get some support too



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