should cut out bulk? for natty comp. [pics]

  1. should cut out bulk? for natty comp. [pics]

    Watsup AM so I'm gonna join a natty bb competition (ages 18-21) by next September 2014. Question is.... Should I bulk or cut according to how I look right now?
    I believe I should keep bulking because there's no point to cut right now.
    And also when should I start cutting.
    Also what do you think are some lagging body parts that I need to work on?
    And what do u think about me competing (its my first time)... Any criticism is greatly appreciated!
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  2. Bumppppp

  3. overall size is looking good at the moment, if the comp is in september next year i'd definitely say bulk until at least april man, then slowly start cutting down for comp, that way you'll be able to retain more mass. you got anyone coaching you going into this comp?

  4. Well I've been working out with my uncle who did a few natty shows when he was a teen but he says the most broscience things I've ever heard lol... Basically I'm doing 3000 cals 300c 187p 116f. I could definitely use a coach though

  5. haha yeah man most old school guys are stuck in the broscience ways. i'm a coach for competitive bodybuilders here in new zealand man, i have a few clients in europe that i help as well online for comps. i'd be happy to coach you if you want, i can see great things in the future if we work together towards your next show

  6. Yeah I was looking for a coach but most I can't really afford (as I'm a student and part time worker)
    But either way PM me your rates

  7. I would say to check your BF and make sure you are not over 16%. There are some studies/articles out there that suggest you should not go for a bulk when you already have a high bodyfat. You could end up gaining more belly fat which has been correlated with increased aromatase levels that would in turn convert your natty test to more estrogen and leading to more fat gains.
    You would still gain more muscle mass, but it would be harder to trim the extra unwanted fat.

  8. for your age, and a natty, you look great. agreed with kp2012's suggestions.

  9. Thanks!
    Do you guys know if Ara is a natty supp?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by python93 View Post
    Do you guys know if Ara is a natty supp?
    Yeah bro it is, its essential fatty acids that you can get through food, but obviously supplementing with it will lead to greater and faster anabolic gains

  11. Many people say it was like a mild P.H.


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