Taking a break from my diet??

  1. Taking a break from my diet??

    What's everyone's take on taking bout 10-14 days off of my diet. I have been consistent with my diet and weight lifting for atleast 3 months. I'm getting ready to deploy so I been on vacation with my family and decided to take my week off from the gym that I haven had in 3 months. Is it ok if I take a break from my diet as well? I don't mean binge eating just maybe not eating so frequent and have a cheat meal here and there? Comments and suggestions please

  2. Its fine if you can control yourself. IT also depends on how you truly view a diet. Do you eat healthy because its part of your life or do you treat a diet as a means to and end? I personally make my diet part of my life and a cheat if you want to call it that is part of the plan for me.
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  3. I def make eating healthy a part of my daily life and routine. I never miss a meal nor a workout. I've always been very avid about it. Like I said my body needed a break from the gym and I'm gettin ready to deploy so I been on vacation spending time with my family and you know what comes along with that haha. But I haven't been binge eating just slightly enjoying myself

  4. My typical everyday diet is like breakfast- 6 eggs half whole half white with either oats or whole wheat toast, mid Mornin snack protein powder blended with oats and peanut butter, lunch is usually a meat of some sort with some cheese and veggies, mid snack and pre workout is another protein shake with oats and then a piece of fruit, then dinner is about like lunch. Then bed time I do cottage cheese.

    My cutting diet is 8 meals every 2 hours it's a lean meat, green veggie and complex carb. No dairy and no fruit. I brisk walk 25 min morning and night and my workouts mid day

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