Back pain?

  1. Back pain?

    Every time after quads day my back starts hurting. The pain is centralized on my lower back. My knees also hurt occasionally. I'm not sure if this is because I have a weak/bad back or it is my posture. I mean I'm a posture nazi. Is it common for back pain after quad exercises?

  2. Depends on how you might be straining or your form pushing against the pads or set up!?
    What about trying a different quad exercise and seeing if you still get the pain?
    What about some trigger point work on the belt line/back of waist and or the glutes? Are they sore there? I might bet, yes.

  3. ^ That. Trigger point work. Lacrosse ball along the pelvic
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  4. Are you getting any post workout stretching in?
  5. Back pain?

    Your hamstrings are way too tight.
    Get a buddy, lie on your back legs straight out. Have your buddy lift one leg straight up. I bet you are tight at about 90 degrees, or less.
    Stretch those hammy's!!

    That is the number one cause of back pain and knee pain in the Army. Truth.

  6. I agree with the stretching. If your hams are tight that can cause your hips to become out of alignment which can cause low back pain.
    The pain can also radiate down the legs.

  7. If it is radiating down the legs, you are way too tight and/or may have injured your lower back

  8. Sciatica possibly?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by drinkyboy View Post
    Sciatica possibly?
    True sciatica is so bad that one would need strong pain medication just to move around at all. I hear so many people say, "I have sciatica", and they are walking around just fine.
    Definitely not sciatica anyways from what he described.

  10. Does your back ever hurt like this when doing anything else? (Football, soccer, or just running around with kids or dog. Normal stuff)

  11. Wow, you guys have helped so much! Did expect it. Lol. Yes I do have horribly tight hamstrings. Which I have been stretching frequently now. Also what has seemed to help is adding more weight onto my back exercises to strengthen it. My back has been much better. Now it's the usual knew hurting when I bend. I know I sound pretty worn and old but I'm only 22. So I was worried. Thank you all for your help!

  12. You may find your glutes, deep core etc are really tight as well. I had the same sort of problem but would present itself when running for an extended period. Went to physio and was told it was due to a weak core. Been doing alot of deep core work, transverse abdominus activation before lifting or running and pain has been getting progressively less. Just my .02

  13. Awesome info here to answer OP's questions. I myself have the same issues and sure enough hammys are super tight. I can't even get to a 90 degree angle, pathetic. Also when squatting I feel my hips can't flex properly to get a deep squat and knees protrude past ankles causing knee pain.

  14. Back pain usually due to reduction of bone caused non reproductionn of bone cells since there will be no growth after certain age. I think this cannot be permanently cured. There may be back pain due to so many reasons thosecan bee identified by a doctor and after medication these may be cured, but not the back painoccurredd due to age. The only temporary solution for this is rest, yogic exercise ie.Dhanurasana, by not doing any strainuous act to spine.


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