1. BodyBbuilding.

    Hi guys I'm bulking right now and taking in about 3100 calories I'm on a shake called progain seems to be working well I have one in the morning and one post-workout they are 500 kcal each the one in the morning seems to bloat me out a little will it be ok to instead of a shake in the morning I eat say 8 egg whites some wheat toast and a piece of fruit if I still hit my surplus and my protein for the day will this be ok?

  2. I always think real food is better than powder. Bloat I am guessing might be the dairy or whey!?) I use a scoop o f protein powder and the rest of my meals are real food mostly not in packages.
    You might also be surprised what grinds up in a blender (like broccoli, raw oats, chicken, tuna...) and tastes good with juice.

    Lastly, you do not mention your routine!?
    What are you working to get your bulk and or mass in the gym?

  3. I'm on a good routine right now I found on muscle and strength uk,weight is 175 now looking to continue to bulk to about 200 pounds just wondered about the shakes at breakfast time I know that's what a lot of people recommended(yes there are whay).I was making shakes though the day and didn't seem to be good me would much rather real food I am now taking one shake with a banana about half hour before my workout and one starlight after is this ok?Also do you think what I said in my original post is ok?

  4. Changing from the shake to the eggs and toast is fine. Just try new things and keep adjusting until you find what works for you while continuing to make the gains you want. I adjust my diet all the time. It's never gonna be perfect but you continue to adjust and as long as you're seeing gains you are on the right track.

  5. Yeah, don't overthink the little stuff. Just eat good and if you watch the scale or the mirror, that should give you a good barometer as the what direction you want to go.

  6. Thanks for the advice guys maybe I will start doing this and just keep a eye on things I think you have to keep it simple but change it up now and then so it doesn't become boring.

  7. whatever you enjoy more but a balance is most common amongst the fitness community

  8. My favorite exercise is body building and i think real and healthy food is better then powder or supplement!!!!!!!
    This exercise keep healthy and so active.Just try new things and keep adjusting until you find what works for you while continuing to make the gains you want!!!!!!!


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