Can endomorohs become bodybuilder material?

  1. Can endomorohs become bodybuilder material?

    Hey gang,

    Stevo here and sadly and endomorph... I don't mean to brag and whine but for an endomorph I'm a pretty stout fella I have been working out seriously for about 3 months I always lifted before but I had to stop due to injuries and my sport season. I was curious though I am probably the strongest and biggest I have ever been at this point and I'm curious why is it that when I lose all my weight and do my cutting phases right I will have toned arms pecs and back and my gut shrinks however my love handles always stay the same...what causes this???

  2. And is there a way to get rid of them if I lost them I would defiantly be 100% happy with my build and look to improving more and more. But these handles just seem to kill me... so again the question is can endomorphs be bodybuilders?

  3. I don't think anyone could directly say yes or no to your question. It is going to depend on a few factors. How far one can could go, could most likely be assessed better by a coach and or someone with a better eye or more associated with the exact sport.
    That said, guys like Steve Davis a BB'er from the 70's/80's got a pro card.
    Sure there may be higher hurdles in some venues of it ie: cutting up, but also some advantages as to perhaps a larger bone structure and or more thick mass.

  4. Yes Ectos are actually very good on stage

  5. I for one believe that endomorphs can do great on stage. Jay Cutler is a good example of one. Due to your structure and perhaps metabolic disadvantage, you' ll just have to diet harder, train in a way that is advantageous to your build, and do more cardio. High intensity interval training is best for the endomorph. The good thing about being an endomorph is that you can pack on a lot of muscle and strength easily. The main drawback is that nutrition is going to be the determining factor that either breaks or makes you. During cutting, you should definitely expect to diet harder and do more cardio to increase insulin sensitivity. Try having way shorter rest intervals and cycle between high and moderate rep days. The more reps you do, the more carbs you will burn. You can't really say that the problem you have is a major one since you haven't been lifting consistently for at least 18 months. One important thing to keep in mind about your love handles is that it's probably the stubborn fat area in your body. Everyone have their own stubborn areas. Mines are lower abdominal and thighs. Adipose (fat tissue) can be gained through overall weight gain, but it's impossible for them to go away. Your body can create but not destroy them. When your body fat % is higher the fat cells swell up like balloon, and when you cut down, they deflate and shrink. Body composition is a matter of patience and experimentation. Body types are scientific terms used by people to make excuses for themselves. If you stare at a muscular jock not knowing what he did to attain his build; it's easy to call him a mesomorph. You can stare at sumo wrestlers and call them endomorphs. You can look at long distance runners/basketball players and call them ectomorphs. What I'm saying is that before you reach your genetic potential, there's no point in labeling yourself in a particular way.



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