No Chest Pump/Gains

  1. No Chest Pump/Gains

    Hi Guy I've been training for about a year now made some nice gains along the way but for the last few months my chest has not grow one bit and I never seem to get any chest pump really thinking about starting 5x5 but I'm a little confused is 5x5 for size or strength love lifting heavy just want to continue with putting on mass, thanks any help is much appreciated
    Stephen from the uk.

  2. More for bulking try 4-5 sets 6 reps thats better for size gains bud

  3. Hey webbo thx's brother will give that a try just finding it a little discouraging as everything else seem to be going well do you think I might be tricep dominant.

  4. Whats your chest days look like? Have you been changing up your routine? You could also try GVT. Its hard painful and tiring but it can help break a plateau.

  5. Drop sets to failure helped me with good gains.

  6. 2 cents..
    -5x5 is a great mass and strength builder and is touted by many gurus.
    The point being, if you use loads in the ranges of 75%-85% for multi sets/reps of 1RM's that is probably the best area for the most gains in mass/strength combo.
    -What do your carbs look like?, as pump can have something to do with diet. I don't see how weight loads make a great diff in pumps. I can pump up on 20 rep light weights or x5's or even x3's.
    -Your body will always respond well "at first", but as you get more adapted to lifting, the body reaches states that will have it keeping balanced with the entire structure. You most likely will not be able to "over build the pecs, naturally compared to the rest of the body. They will most likely stay in some balance with your lats etc.
    -What about the rest of the larger structures?
    You do not mention them. ie; the chest, shoulders and arms, are some of the smallest muscles of the body. Building the larger musculature, will in turn have you entire body growing larger and keeping suit instead of over concentration on one smaller area.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Garvey
    Hey webbo thx's brother will give that a try just finding it a little discouraging as everything else seem to be going well do you think I might be tricep dominant.
    More than likely mate try and give your chest a big squeeze when doing reps, also if you have a wide grip that will get your chest bigger its harder but great for size and strength gains.

  8. Cheers webbo I will make sure to try that I think that is a good idea might just have to drop the weight a little never really had a wide grip before.
    Hi Paul carbs before my workout, well pls see below.

    7.00am progain shake about 40g protein/60g carbs.
    9.00am 3 pieces of wheat toast and a bowl of 60 grams of rolled oats.
    11.00am 6 egg whites and about 400ml of full fat milk.
    12.00 pm is my workout do you have any ideas on doing something different in open to a lot of ideas thanks guys.

  9. What does your entire routine look like?
    What is your age?
    What goals do you have?

  10. add in some more sets hit the muscle in a different way

  11. I moved away from barbells and started using only dumbells for chest. Strength and size shot up

  12. Everyone is different but what brought my most lagging muscle to my best feature was:
    - Drop sets, Matthersby style: Work up to your heavy set(5-6 reps) then for your last set, (example bench 225x6) to failure, drop a plate off each side(135), take a full 10 second count to do the negative and explode up to fully locked out, repeat for 10 reps.
    - flare your elbows out so your bench does not resemble the close grip bench and imagine your shoulder blades touching at the bottom. However keep your grip close, none of the wide grip crap shifting all the emphasis on your frontal delts.
    - Build up your triceps on their own day with the big boy exercises. Close grip/weighted dips/skullcrushers
    - Build your damn upper back! With at least twice as much volume too.... upright rows only to chest level, locked out heavy deadlifts, heavy rows.
    - personal pref. I do primarily incline movements. I could explain my multiple reasons but if I am doing dips every week, I don't need a thing for lower pectoral emphasis and development. Good luck, hope this helps.


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