2 week out natural diet and cardio. 195pound at 6.4% bf

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    2 week out natural diet and cardio. 195pound at 6.4% bf

    doing 2 x daily cardio now 50 min morning with 30min low intensity and 20 min HIIT and 30 min night time 20 min HIIT and 10 min low intensity. Dropped eggs tuna and all protein supplements (wpi and casein )from 14 days out Today. so my diet consists of Meal 1 250g chicken and brussel sprouts and a table spoon of chai seeds and a double shot black coffee, meal 2 250g chicken and spinach, meal 3 white fish and broccilli, meal 4 chicken and broccilli and 2 scoops of craze pre workout. meal 5 PWO 100g chicken with a cup of oats meal 6 220g kangaroo and greens. meal 7 200g natural greek yoghurt 2 large spoons of peanut butter 50 grams of almonds and a tablespoon of chai seeds . Training is still heavy and intense. Every 4th day adding either 250g of sweet potato or 8 rice cakes with unheated honey to all meals except meal 7. Does this sound Okay all?
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