Wisdom teeth

  1. Wisdom teeth

    So I've recently had my wisdom teeth removed about 5 days ago I plan on getting back in the gym around day 10 of the extraction any advice if I'd be in the clear to take my pre-workout I don't know if it'll affect my holes in anyway

  2. I'm getting mine out in a few days how do you know when your good to get back in the gym ?

  3. I had mine out last year and was at the gym 5 days later. Though for the first month I only used coffee as my preWO source. Then after a month I went right back into using my Conquer and Hemavol. Like you i was worried how it may affect the holes left in my word hole.
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  4. id say at 10 days out you will be pretty much healed and have nothing to worry about. of course I don't think there would be anything to worry about anyhow.

    ^conquer and hemavol you say??
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  5. Wisdom teeth usually emerge from the gum between the ages of 17 and 24.
    They are the last of the large grinding teeth at the back of the mouth (molars).
    Some people never develop wisdom teeth but you could have up to four - one in each corner of your mouth.
    Wisdom teeth don't usually cause any problems and so don't need to be removed.
    However, if there isn't enough space for them to grow at the back of your mouth (impacted wisdom teeth), they can cause pain, swelling or infection.
    Having your impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed (extracted) can help relieve your symptoms. It may be possible for your dentist to remove your wisdom teeth or he or she may refer you to a dental surgeon.

  6. I lifted the next day after having mine removed. No prob.

    But on a side note, now I wish I hadn't had them removed, because they weren't causing me any trouble. It seems there are some negative long-term side effects to preventative extraction, so unless it's truly Impacted, might think twice about pulling it.

  7. never getting mine removed crew

  8. omg, I need to get wisdoms removed in like a month (I got 2 top of the jaw) and I sure hope I won't need 10 days off! Is that serious?? I want to train the same day to be honest lol.

  9. I have to have some removed soon. I surely won't take that much time off though...
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  10. I had a terrible experience. The surgery itself wasn't that bad, but the recovery was no fun at all. I got dry sockets in all 4. That was the worst part. I thought that it was going to be no big deal, but I was out of work for over a week.
    However, my sister in law, was back at work 2 days later, and she was fine. My mother in law was the same.
    I think that each experience is different. Mine was awful, but the majority of people I know were fine. Good Luck!

  11. I went to the gym 5 days after mine were pulled. I was fine. Probably lucky. Pre workout should not affect the holes after 10 days
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