Wisdom teeth

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    Wisdom teeth

    So I've recently had my wisdom teeth removed about 5 days ago I plan on getting back in the gym around day 10 of the extraction any advice if I'd be in the clear to take my pre-workout I don't know if it'll affect my holes in anyway

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    I'm getting mine out in a few days how do you know when your good to get back in the gym ?
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    I had mine out last year and was at the gym 5 days later. Though for the first month I only used coffee as my preWO source. Then after a month I went right back into using my Conquer and Hemavol. Like you i was worried how it may affect the holes left in my word hole.
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    id say at 10 days out you will be pretty much healed and have nothing to worry about. of course I don't think there would be anything to worry about anyhow.

    ^conquer and hemavol you say??
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