Pump Juice Extreme Review

  1. Pump Juice Extreme Review

    Ok so I Reviewed Pump Juice Extreme Watermelon

    Taste was great, for a watermelon flavor it was quite good, rather than overly bitter, or too sweet. Pump was great throughout my workout, and after my workout for quite some time even though I lift for anywhere from an 1 to 1.5 hours. This is definetly one of the greatest PWO's I have ever had, first non stim, have always done a stim based PWO. This product gives you the greatest stim like focus without any stims. I will definetly be buying this product from now on, and will try ever flavor they have.
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  2. pump juice has about 300mg of caffeine in it, it is a stimulant pre workout

    it's a damn good pre workout though
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  3. I just ordered strawberry margarita. Sounds like it could be awesome.
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  4. I am planning my next order probably friday to figure out what flavor I want to do next
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

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