Creatine in assault....

  1. Creatine in assault....

    I currently use animal pump prewo and torrent post workout.....i want to try assault but was worried about how much creatine is in the product. I have great results with the ammount in animal pump, but if i switch is there a large difference in dosing?

  2. I have no clue how much is in animal pump but with Assault you are getting 5g's total of creatine per serving. There can't be to much of a difference because 3-5g's is a pretty standard dose of creatine.

  3. Thanks, animal pump has 3g.....i wonder if it is too much now because torrent has 3g's as well......i am probably overthinking it, just dont want to get bloated.

  4. You'll be fine, if you start feeling bloated all you have to do is increase your water intake a bit. A lot of people start to hold water from creatine so they start drinking less which causes your body to hold even more water. When you start drinking extra water your body has its own mechanism that allows it to start flushing all the extra water.

  5. Thanks again, i try for 1gallon-1.5 gallons a day........I went to vitamin shoppe and picked up assault as well as bullet proof. Gonna give MP a month trial and will let yall know. They gave me 2 free MP tee-shirts with my purchase which was pretty rad....

  6. Make sure you cycle your supps if they contain creatine. It is better to take creatine separate so you can still get your protein when you need to be off the creatine.

  7. Pmiller, a diuretic can help with this!?

    Something like XTRACT by axis labs!?


  8. Quote Originally Posted by felost View Post
    Pmiller, a diuretic can help with this!?

    Something like XTRACT by axis labs!?

    A diuretic would make it worse, if you are already dehydrating yourself by not drinking enough water then taking a diuretic is going to leave you feeling pretty crappy. Granted you wont look bloated, but you would be putting your body in a bad spot.

  9. I've wondered about the creatines in Assault for awhile. Whats the point of having creatine mono and kre alk in Assault?

  10. Different absorption rates and different effect on people. It seems that having a combo of creatines worked better in the formula when we originally tested the product on the omega wave tester.



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