Who remembers Primordial Performance AndroHard? The original formulation of Epiandro and Androsterone in a liquid carrier to increase absorption-

Legendary Product right?
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So how do these two compare??

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First I will say having used them both, they are equally amazing. Both of these are the best epiandro/androsterone combos that ever hit the market imo.

Primordials version was 250mgs per serving and overall most people ran it at 750-1000mgs ED

MuscleGELZ version is 100mgs per serving and overall most people run it 300-600mgs ED (3 pumps of product is equal to 100mgs or 1 serving)

What Can I expect to see from such a product?
Effects after 1-2 weeks:

• Enhanced vascularity
• Increased Libido
• Frequent hard erections
• Intensified muscular strength

Effects after 3-4 weeks:

• 4-6lbs lean mass increases are very commonly reported
• Increased muscle definition/hardness
• 20-30% increases in strength have been reported. 20+lbs on all major 3 lifts is very commonly reported

How does this compound work?

Although testosterone proved to be a more potent mass building agent, androsterone showed relatively potent androgenic and anabolic properties as it was an only 2 steps away from the most powerful naturally occurring androgen in the human body – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As bodybuilders have long known, strong androgens such as DHT produce a “dry” and “hard” appearance by drawing water from under the skin and into the muscle tissue thus enhancing vascularity.

Andro Hard delivers the androgenic power of 100mg per topical application (per 20 pumps daily / 1 bottle = 4 weeks) of injectable DHT. Andro Hard reinforces manly hardness by blocking the fat storing and water storing properties of estrogen. Part of the mechanism is by androgenic interference with the estrogen receptor (ER) and lowering circulating estrogen levels by competitively inhibiting the aromatase enzyme.

Guaranteed Absorption. No needles, no pills, no liver stress! – Yet we are achieving the highest bioavailability of any product in the world!

What are some additional tips to using this product?

Remember shaving hair from the area and exfoliating in a hot shower prior to administration is going to improve absorption and therefore results. In Men the most optimal location to administer this product is on the testes. Since many men don't want to do this, regardles that it works better, we know from studies that upper chest, shoulders, inner biceps and lower abdominal are also very effective locations to apply this transdermal.

Also search out on this forum "AndroHard body recomp tips" and also "AndroHard general information thread" to see additional information on dosaging and tips to get you the best results possible with this product.

Where can I buy this product?

You want to use my code "WES15" at checkout to save you 15% off. You can order this through MuscleGELZ site at the link below or on Iron Mag Labs website as well!

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