Pride Final Conflict

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    A series of knees from the clinch is a bit like "skanking", if you're familiar with ska.

  2. It's funny cuz it's true. My instructor started demonstrating the motion solo, and everyone started laughing, including him. But once you try it on a person, no more laughing...I knew there had to be a more logical reason that skinheads like ska

  3. Brawl Sports: Liddell-Silva on the shelf for now

    Here's what Dana had to say about CC vs. Wandy. He implies that Silva doesn't deserve a shot at Chuck after losing to CC. I don't think a heavyweight fight against the #2 guy at HW should effect the title shot and he doesn't really have the talent pool to keep chuck in interesting fights. After Tito, who is there?

    Also, there's a new Wandy interview on Sherdog.

  4. Yeah Wandy doesn't deserve a shot at Chuck, but Vernon White, Jeremy Horn, and Babalu do. What a hilarious joke, like you said Crocop is the #2 HW in the world, so Dana is basically saying if Wand isn't the best fighter in the world (minus Fedor) he doesn't deserve a shot. I guess he's scared Chuck will lose and then he'll have to use Sylvia as his posterboy. Good thinking Dana.


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