WME/IMG Buys UFC for $4 Billion

  1. WME/IMG Buys UFC for $4 Billion

    Pretty crazy, most expensive transaction in sports history.

  2. they'll certainly make a profit, but I am curious to see what direction this takes the UFC
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  3. Dana is still at the helm along with Silva and Shelby (from my understanding at least). It'll be interesting to see what ripple only Dana has because it was Lorenzo that often mended fences after Dana pisses someone off.
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  4. I think the guys who owned it before sense fighters are just going to have to get a bigger piece of the pie. It will still make money, but the owners won't be seeing the same amount of profit as before.

  5. Dana is still prez. Owns 9% percent of the co and will get 9% cut as part of the deal



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