Boxer vs mma fighter

  1. Boxer vs mma fighter

    Who would win in a fight in a real life street fight, lets say a pro mma fighter such as cain vs a pro boxer like wladimir klitschko. Who in general would win in a fight given they have the same skill in there styles.
    My guess would be mma mainly because of there ground game. Id like to know what you think.

    Also i was wondering, why are boxers taller than mma fighters? If you look at random heavyweight boxers there almost always super tall compared to most mma heavyweights, is it because of striking and reach? That would kind of make sense to me.

  2. James Tony vs. Randy Couture. /thread.

  3. Any sort of fighting is going to be defined by what you're not allowed to do. In MMA you can't punch to the nuts or grab a weapon or gouge someone's eyes out or anything like that.

    Realistically, the person who wins a street fight is going to be the person who has the best grab-a-weapon-and-kick-to-the-nuts game.

  4. The boxer would crushed they have head movement foot work as well but no skills for an mma fighter their not familiar with checking kicks or grappling not a fair fight

  5. Mma fighter.

    Take a boxer to the ground and he's like a stuck turtle on its back



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