Can Cain velazquez beat 6'8 340 pound nfl players?

  1. Can Cain velazquez beat 6'8 340 pound nfl players?

    What do you think. Some of them are like 6'8 340+ lbs.

  2. Yes, undoubtedly. Skill>size, is this a serious question?

  3. ok thanks, yeah was a serious question sorry. I am new to watching mma, and just looking at the size of some of the players are insane for a second i doubted cain could.

  4. Just think. Cain trains everyday to become a better fighter. He is the elite of the elite and has perfected his craft. Size also can be a disadvantage. Most likely a 6'8" 340 lb person will be slow and will get winded fast. Hell, mariusz pudzianowski fought MMA and would have no chance against Cain. It's apples to oranges.

  5. Absolutely if size alone is a factor. Look up some old school UFC videos, before it was tightly regulated. When it was only legal in Las Vegas and Alabama you had some crazy match ups and the little guys with lots of trying nearly always beat the big, bar brawler tough guy.

    There are videos on youtube demonstrating your scenario too. Just google mma fighter vs. big guy or something. Size may be different but scale is more or less accurate.

  6. Just Google Bob Sapp and watch him lose a few times.
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  7. An NFL OL (they're the size you're talking about) has about as good a chance of beating Velazquez in a fight, as Velazquez does of stopping a run from a DL position against the same guy.

    They're trained for different tasks.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.


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