What is the best form of MMA to learn first? (muay thai or BJJ)

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  1. I wrestled in high school, trained BJJ and catch 4 years on and off. Kickboxing 1 year total and boxing six months now. For the purpose of MMA I have found Wrestling BJJ, and striking in that order. For self defense Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and wrestling in that order.

  2. A striker ( boxing, kick boxing, etc.) Is only at their best and most dangerous while standing up. If a grappler (bjj, judo, wrestling, etc) gets them to the ground which happens a lot in fighting they're are completely out of their comfort zone, and their experience and skills don't mean much since they can't use footwork, most strikes, defensive skills. I'm a striker taekwondo, muai thai, boxing. And I'd be more worried about a grappler because my training has primarily been stand up. Safest bet would be to balance your striking and grappling. Muai Thai is fun, striking is great but if you look at fighters like Royce Gracie they easily defeat bigger stronger fighters because ground fighting doesn't require you to be incredibly big or strong. Look at kimbo slice vs Shawn Gannon. Giant superhuman Kimbo got beat in seconds by a guy who didn't even look like a fighter. Whatever you decide, just remember no great fighter ever got great without learning the basics first. Strong basics beat weak flashy techniques everytime.

  3. Ive instructed shotokan karate kickboxing and grappling out of the 3 the most practical was kickboxing

  4. Now that I have spent almost 2 years taking Krav Maga, another 2 training Muay Thai and BJJ, and now basic defense and tactical weapons training, I'd question what the purpose or end result is that you are looking for. Everything is different and all have a purpose. All I know is that my primary goal is to stop someone and get the **** out of there and that is all I've built up my skills to do.

  5. One only? Why not both? Personally I think you should start with your ground game. However I would cross train. Most MMA clubs offer multiple styles. I agree with 18bret. There is something to be said for wrestling. Gotta love the take down. I have actually KO'd a guy on a single leg take down. Lucky I didn't seriously hurt the guy. Bounced his head off the ground. Self defense.....I would make it a point to train whatever whenever with whom ever takes the time to show you right.

  6. 18bret, harbonah, are on the right track....

  7. Hey, guys this is my first post, happy to be here btw. I agree with a lot of you in saying that discipline makes more of a difference than actual martial arts choice. I have practiced Tae Kwon Do for eleven years and there is not a doubt in my mind I would get my butt kicked in an octagon. It has never been something I saw myself competing with so it was never important for me to be that great at it and push myself. I used it to build self confidence and workout. If you set your mind to a martial art and say I'm going to be the best at this and no one will stop me, I don't see any reason why a martial art can't be successful in the ring.


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