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    Agree Fedor would win a rematch, disagree Carwin was over-confident. He simply over-committed to finishing Brock, but justifiably so, as Brock was in a precarious position and most people would have been TKO'd. Brock luckily or through heart survived and capitalized on Carwin's window of sheer fatigue.
    I completely agree, Lesner's boxing is crap, Carwin would completely dominate in a rematch, Carwin basically let him have half guard and the submission, didn't even defend it.

    They might as well go ahead and rematch, no one else is beating him that is currently in the UFC. I like Cane V. but I don't think he is ready for Brock yet.

  2. fedor will knock his ass out

  3. Quote Originally Posted by tayf View Post
    fedor will knock his ass out
    No he won't and not because he can't, he'll just never be in the UFC, so it'll forever be a hypothetical knock out.



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