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  1. did squats the other day for the first time In a long time and believe me it will be my last.
    geeked my lower back up bad . now I have had issues before and they have flared up again so I have decided for age and health they will no longer be part of my workout.
    did some chest and delt work only had 30 minutes.
    incline smith press 4 sets 10-12
    cable fyes 4sets 10 drop set onlas set

    reverse flyes 4 sets
    bentover flyes same
    lighter weight standing laterals 4 sets
    front raises also lighter around 10 lbs

    released by the doc to train and rehab on my own.
    but I am staying with the pt until the new year to get my strength and flexibility in my delts better.

  2. You can try doing split squats instead of BB squats. A great option for those with bad backs. Bulgarian Split Squat is choice.

  3. did back and bis last night at home
    4 sets eac 8-15 rep range
    tempo slow
    engaging core and targeted muscle group prior to executing exercise

    this really help me connect with the muscle a lot

    circuit went like this;

    standing bicep curl db
    active rest 30 seconds-shoulder press
    lat pulldowns
    active rest shoulder press
    one arm rows to the hip
    active rest -shoulder press
    bentover db rows
    active rest standing laterals
    seated db curls
    active rest - concentration curls-light weight
    hammer curls

    now I forgot to stretch and I paid for it this morning. foam rolling when I get home today . took my pwo 30 minutes prior only one scoop and didn't get the pump but my focus was ws late and I didn't want to stay up all night! good workout though really liking these changes I have made in my routine.

  4. i'll try if I only had a hack machine !

  5. hack squats are good but those split squats are killer!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your back, chef.

  7. Sorry for being away so long. The backbis still giving me issues so I have stayed away from the gym to let it rest. Got in a small chest and bi dumbbell sessions at home. Trying out the pressing movements again.
    Us ed twenty fives. Six sets at 10-15.
    Flat press flyes seated curls hammers inclibe press. Good pump from the rag.

  8. No worries, heal soon! Glad to hear you can still move some weight about.

  9. got in back last night and arms sunday . took my preworkout as usual man what a head crowler.

    arms were relentless sly stallone workout.
    no rest 4 working sets one warmup set each
    lat pulldown reverse curls 60 for 10
    barbell curl 45 for 10
    incline db curls 20 for 10
    machine lying bench curls 60 for 15
    hammer curls 20's for 10
    revers ez bar curls 45 10
    tricep one arm rope pushdowns 45 /10
    straight bar pushdowns 45/10
    close grip bench 65/10

    fringing brought me to my knees

    back last night was quick 30 minutes no rest
    4 sets 10-15
    lat pulldowns 90,100, 90, 80 ,70,60 all to failure
    bentover db rows 30 10
    kneeling one arm pulldowns 45/10
    bentover barbell rows 95 /10
    seated cable rows 100/10
    seated one arm machine rows 90/10 ea

    slow tempo got a great pump and focused on squeezing the muscle good at th bottom.

    bad news is won't be able to go there anymore because of some stupid upgrade we have to do because my job pays for my membership . so I can't workout ant any ymca but the one on campus without having to pay a membership. so ****em . there is a 24 hour place that is closer to my house for the same price and less people. I come and go as I please . mostly older folks work out there but the equipment is top notch and brand new. either that or spend money on my own stuff and workout at home. I live 27 miles form work so having that as an option doesn't benefit me. been going to this plasce for two years without an issue and now this. it sucks big balls . have a good one.

  10. Good to see you back at it, and crushing that weight! Sorry to hear about the membership issues though, hope you'll find the best option for yourself.

  11. yeah it really bites they have all the equipment I need to keep charging forward now this may be an astronomical setback for my gains. we have braces coming on my 11 year old which is 5 grand so any money that was there is now gone. just sucks all around.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by chefbo View Post
    yeah it really bites they have all the equipment I need to keep charging forward now this may be an astronomical setback for my gains. we have braces coming on my 11 year old which is 5 grand so any money that was there is now gone. just sucks all around.
    We just started the braces journey just under a year ago, on top of being a year and a half in the private school.

    In short, I'm broke. lol
    “Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly—not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God. ... lead them by your own good example.” 1 Peter‬ 5:2-3‬

  13. Keep your head up, boss.

  14. Family is worth a few sacrifices. It will take some creative thinking, but I'm sure things will work out

  15. Still getting som ed workouts in when I can. If not doing bodyweight work. Trying to liad on some weight for the upcoming cycle. Got some goodies coming hopefully. Gonna try a chest tonight at home late. Gonna be 5 degrees tomorrow morning so I won't be going hunting like I had planned plus have pt at 9:45.

    Right now I need to focus on getting the he most out of this cycle 10 weeks still taking into account my shoulder but trying to go heavy but safely into it. Gonna try some torq training. High rep pyramid training is the genre. Hope this works.

  16. Hope it all goes well for you man. Just need to pay attention to your body, and keep on top of that PT and it should go well I think!

    How's it going with the Rag now? Coming on the last few servings or so?

  17. Funny you asked. Fibak review to follow;

    Taste-6/10-just not my favorite flavor but the taste is fine.

    Mixability-8/10-just a small amt of product left afterward.

    Performance-10/10- awesome energy pumps were great. Really did its job.

    Overall rating 8/10 would buy it for my pwo in the future for sure just find a flavor i like. Millennium does it again. Thanks to gutterpump for letting me ru this little beauty. Sorry I did get as detailed as the others just had issues as you know. Keep me in mind in the future if you like. Thanjs again.


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