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  1. going for another workout today. shoulder is feeling stronger all the time. no pain this morning mostly tightness in my back . could be form all the shrugs I have been doing. I am hitting traps hard every session trying to jar some movement in them. same with legs. I know I will need to start eating a lot more but with me not being full on I don't want to explode with a lot of extra fat from lack of intensity in my workouts. maybe wait until Christmas to start loading on the calories .

    running around maintenance right now. took my noxitropin last night and another great night of sleep.. Depending on the number of people at the y today will make a difference in what I get accomplished so I will log it later.

    main goals are ;
    I do little sessions of delts but don't want to push it.

    except for legs weight is way less than normal but be off three months and see what happens!

    everyone have a great training day and spend time with the ones you love . you never know!

  2. Kill it Chefbo!
    “Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly—not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God. ... lead them by your own good example.” 1 Peter‬ 5:2-3‬

  3. Glad to hear your shoulder is feeling stronger, bro. Keep up the good work and you're right about spending time with loved ones

  4. Whoa what a workout!
    hit legs hard. 5 sets each squats and presses
    just 105 for squats got to mind the pressure on my shoulder. Stayed deep though.
    presses 408 10 to 15 reps each superset with calf press.

    shrugs 3 different angles and ways. 15 eeps 5 sets
    plate shrugs 45
    db 30s
    kettle bell 40

    bis and tris
    straight bar push down 52
    seated curls 20s
    hammers 20s
    5 sets ea 10 to 15

    tried inclne press no go too much pain. Did get in two sets on cg bench no weight just the bar low and slow.

  5. legs are kicking my ass today love that next day feeling . lets me know i did it right!

  6. I love that feeling too. Nice leg sesh Chefbo!
    “Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly—not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God. ... lead them by your own good example.” 1 Peter‬ 5:2-3‬

  7. abs and arms tonight
    at home in my little room of a gym, got to totally alienate my arms. very quick session minimal rest (15 seconds betweens sets of 50 reps)

    super super sets
    ez bar curls, pushdowns, kickbacks, db skullcrushers, db curls with hammers to finish.

    frigging arms are splitting. nice to see some veinage again long time my friend.

    took two scoops ragNOrok two hours ago and it still kicked in full on! amazing , no way i would have thought it would have done that. most are the quick buzz of the skull about 15 20 minutes after consumption . i was just blow away at the pump i arms have lost most of everything i had achieved. they were jsut getting were i was proud of them and then the shoulder and bicep went. lost itall. but i had the feeling the break was a blessing in disguise . sometimes you need to take a break to let you body regroup and they turn it on again. it is happening to me . i am seeing more fullness and shape in my muscles just with the small amount of weight i can move these days. still no chest or overhead movements like lat exercises minimal back but even though i like were this is going. feeling good is good enough for now.

  8. Exactly, man. It's tough, but sometimes a step back will leave you better off in the long term.

  9. Looking great man, glad your shoulder is feeling better and everything is coming back. When I had the same injury/surgery, I used a lacrosse ball between my body and the wall and it really made a difference in trigger points around the scapular region. I found that most of my tightness was around the shoulder blades and traps.

  10. Headed out for alate workout session. Trying ti get in some back work tonight.
    Possible bentover rows
    Front raises
    Light weight lateral raise
    Incline reverse fly
    Seated laterals

    Going slow and light don't want to snap anything up.check in later.

  11. Awesome. Can't wait to see how everything goes. Kill it!

  12. Hoped you slaughtered it.. I'm off myself soon

  13. really sore in my shoulder this morning after last night s session.

    started out with bentover db rows-20's
    front raises-20's
    bentover bb rows-65
    seated db curls-20's
    flat db press-20's
    barbell press-55,65
    standing lateral raise-8lbs
    3 circuits of 10-15
    really had a great pump and could see a lot of vascularity in my delts and chest. was overly sore this morning could be the workout could be that I slept on that side all night. either way I need to watch it. that is one reason I did such light weight.

    got that good old rush and tingle before I got there. seem to be liking this a lot.

  14. Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Ice is your friend! You might also be interested in our Joint Mechanic Plus product while you're rehabbing that shoulder. I still take it to this day.

  15. may have to look into that. thanks . feelling a lot of pain in my bicep too. I wonder if it is coming from sleeping on it. I am gonna try to lay off it for a couple of night to see if that helps . got me worried though that I may have injured it again. hope not , since I haven't been pushing any weight that would matter.

  16. Yeah, a nice joint supp could really do wonders. I don't blame ya for laying off for a couple of nights though. No point in risking it. Hope it feels better soon, bro.

  17. Definitely want to try to prop yourself with pillows at night so that you don't roll over onto that shoulder, at least for a little while longer. I took me a while before I could sleep on it again. The bicep pain is likely from training I think though. Have to be careful to stretch and warmup before working it now, there's a chance to develop bicep tendonitis, so you'll need to be careful. How long's it been since surgery again?

  18. Started a eat clean train dirty challenge. 5days of 1 gal. of water at least a day, 30 minutes of walking or running and then various exercises changed daily. Second dsy and feeling clean and healthy. Physical therapy went great today and still had enough time for walking and an upper body session before getting the kids from school. Shrugs, rear delt rows, seated and standing db curls, upright cable curls, one arm low cable curls, incline press dbs.
    Thought i had reinjured mt arm but it feels grest today must be the weather it hss turned cool lately.I guess that is the price I will have to pay for the surgery. So be least i can train again. Did a small work out last night, ragnorok and noxtropin mixed .gave me the pump but let me relax too. It was late and I didn't wantvto stay up al night that is the reason i did it.

  19. Yeah, the weather can definitely get you aching. Glad to hear you're feeling good though

  20. I get all kinds of wrist issues when the weather turns too.
    “Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly—not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God. ... lead them by your own good example.” 1 Peter‬ 5:2-3‬

  21. Yeah I've felt the weather getting to my shoulder a bit this week, for a day or two. Good to hear it's feeling better

  22. sorry for the lack of logging lately. been working a lot of hours and those not working family events have kept me busy.

    pt has been going good getting more flexible everyday. up to 90% range of motionnow. still having to seep elevated though.

    been doing most of what workouts I can get in in my home basement gym with is limited .

    got in a small one last night all around body.

    took my supps 30 minutes before , kicked in good prior to hitting the iron.
    started with two leg ex. seated extenstions and standing onel legged curls.
    4 sets to failure at 60 lbs on extensions and 4 sets of 8- failure on curls 30 lbs

    went to chest, lats , back and arms

    all dbs
    press, 4x10
    seated curls 4 10
    bentover wide rows 4x15
    bentover reverse rows 4x10
    shrugs 4-failure
    got a good pump , but even more really getting a connection with my muscles. really have control with them more now than ever.

  23. Great to hear! The pumps and focus really help that mind muscle connection.

    For sleep post surgery, I had pushed my bed into the corner of my room and kind of slept on an angle with the pillows in the corner when I had to sleep elevated. Doing this helped keep my pillows in place and prevented me from rolling onto my side.

  24. Got in a good leg session .started with a two sets curls at 60.
    4 sets each.
    Calf presses-320
    Good pump. Just getting back into the heavier routines even though by mist standard these are all light but work for me. Constant time under tension, even tempo through the whole session real mind muscle connection. Solid!


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