OMG not another AWESOME coupon code?!?!

  1. OMG not another AWESOME coupon code?!?!

    MEM60AM for 60% off!!!Promo Code applies to all items, including stacks, sale items and ding and dent.Offer Valid on Domestic Orders Only and Expires on May 27th at 11:59PM PST
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  2. Damn I missed this!! Been wanting to try your products for a while now..

    Question: What would you suggest to run, for someone starting a cut? I'm currently 8 weeks into a 16 week cut with my coach and the toughest past is just about to start.. I've looked at most of the line but I'm not to familiar with the ingredients on some of them, The basic's like creatine, agmatine I'm versed in..

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