Agmatine Elite - Enhanced absorption with enteric coating

  1. Agmatine Elite - Enhanced absorption with enteric coating

    MST, I've wondered much about the ability of enteric coating to protect fragile compounds such as certain neuromodulators like agmatine - or even peptides - from being completely torn up by the pH environment of the stomach.

    I'm wondering what kind of tests you did or what was the method for finding the amount of agmatine that degrades before it reaches the small intestine and how much of agmatine is absorbed when it's in the proper pH environment. Were you able to come up with data using practical application? I'm very curious, as your enteric coating makes the world of difference with your creatine, arginine (Nitroceps), and cordyceps products. Thanks!
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  2. Good question FOG, all I know is it's potent and a great bang for your buck.

  3. Hey FOG,

    That's a great question. Unfortunately, the Agmatine-ELITE isn't enteric coated. We've used the DR-caps in this one. The DR-Caps provide far more protection from stomach acid because they are a thicker walled veggie cap that takes a longer to dissolve/breakdown in the stomach than a typical veggie cap. The DR-Caps give you nearly as much time as enteric coating, but disintegration rates will vary more widely than enteric coating due to individual digestion and stomach emptying rates. Enteric coating just wasn't an ideal option from a cost standpoint on this one.

    Since stomach acid can wipe out as much as 90% of your supps in the stomach it wasn't really a thought to put Agmatine-ELITE into a standard capsule. We used the data from our Cordygen5 DR caps (which are about 80% more effective than in a standard cap) knowing that the cross-over effect was a no brainer. Nearly all our testing we've done on DR-caps (with many compounds) has resulted in at least a 50% increase in end potency and effect over standard caps. Couple the DR-caps delivery with the addition of AstraGin's delivery and potency enhancing benefits and it was a win win.

    The new NitroCeps-ELITE is also in DR-cap with AstraGin.

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