C.Pop's Review of CRE-02.

  1. C.Pop's Review of CRE-02.

    Well here it is. I've waited a little while to review CRE-02 for a few reasons, which I'll get into below.

    The short: I like & recommend it.

    The long: To keep this on the short side, a couple of years ago I tried a prohormone. I didn't get much out of it, but it was a nice little boost. I had blood work done immediately after and it was great. Perfect. No issues. I mentally figured I'd try it again down the road if I didn't want to compete tested. Well, down the road came (very recently), I bought the same supplement from the same company, got the same blood work done and it was.... horrible. The "same" stuff wasn't the same. My cholesterol had more than doubled (392), my good cholesterol was near single digits (13), my liver values looked like odds on the lottery, and my testosterone values were "0". Not a little off, not low, but zero. Shut down. This from a pulse with a reasonable dosage. I'm not here to defend myself from guys who want to believe what they're taking is safe, but to keep it within bounds I am no fool when it comes to supplement usage, and took proper precautions.

    I immediately stopped all supps except MVP, ZMK, and Ragnarok. Non-millenium supps I took included protien (obviously), red yeast rice, COQ10, AI cycle support, niacin, and some liver cleanse thing which name escapes me. 4 weeks later my test was low, but at least I had SOME, my cholesterol was 212, and my good cholesterol was 30. LIver values were just over high-normal. 6 weeks after that my cholesterol was 188, good 42, liver values normal, and test a little low.

    So why all this on a CRE-02 review? I started taking CRE-02 while in the middle of this. My first priority was obviously to get healthy. My second priority was to keep my strength. I had a lot of things going against me, and knowing that my test was lower than that of a 10 year old girl was not helping. The first couple weeks I took CRE-02 I didn't feel anything. Strength had been going down (expected), endurance wasn't there (expected) and the weights just felt heavy (expected). I talked to my man here at Millennium, and he advised since I'm a bigger lifter, doubling the dosage on lifting days might help.

    That's what I did. I took 6 caps on my heavy days and 3 on non-lifting or lighter days. The bottom line here is that with everything going against me, the CRE-02 helped, and helped quite a bit. I'm sure the MVP and ZMK weren't hurting me (or the somnidren), but the CRE-02 significantly added to my training volume ability.

    This has been no walk in the park, and sponsored or not, I'd take the CRE-02. I though this deserved its own thread.

    There is something to be said for a supplement that you can take that doesn't cost too much, helps you out, and isn't going to hurt you. I now extend significantly LESS trust out to other manufacturers, and I suggest that all of us take care what we put in our body. I can't express how pissed off I was when I heard the news, I was expecting my doctor to be happy with my results, I had been eating better, doing more cardio, you name it. Imagine my surprise. I thought I knew how my body would respond to the PH -and I did- but what was in an earlier bottle was not the same as the later bottles.

    So, the CRE-02 works well and as an additional plus, it won't kill you. Recommended.


  2. Wow, Chris, WTF? Sorry you got screwed! Man, that's a tough one! How is your recovery so far, and did you lose a lot of strength?

    I agree on the Cre-02, though my needs are significantly different than yours, as in polar opposite. Last night we had the 3rd ranked high school judo team in Japan train at my dojo, around 25 black belts, all with training from 5yo or so.

    I got beat six ways from sunday, of course, but my strength and endurance were up to the task, which is impressive given I have 15 years on them in age and don't train 4 hours a day.

    Be well, man, and keep us posted.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Wow, Chris, WTF? Sorry you got screwed! Man, that's a tough one! How is your recovery so far, and did you lose a lot of strength?

    Thanks brother! My recovery has been tougher mentally than physically. You just keep going, but it was difficult at first. Now, I'm most of the way back and feel good. My levels are all good, I'm healthy. It was just a scare.

    As far as strength, I only lost a little on the bench. Probably 20lbs or so. I did a 295 SOHP 6 weeks ago so that's fine, my squats are real strong (I did 410 oly depth last week) and my pull seems right in line.

    The CRE-02 has helped me with the strength, I think it would have been worse had I not had some good supps to help get me through this.

    Thanks for asking,

  4. Pop....i'm so glad to see that you're alright. I had no idea that you were going through any of that mess. It's sad to hear.

    So...uhhh...what you're saying is that with no test in your system whatsoever...you're still about 2x as strong as me? Awesome

    Great review also brother. The kind words are appreciated highly and I truly hope you plan to re-apply for the sponsorship come January 1st. We love having you on our team!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

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